Dr. Hafiz welcomes attorney Prof. Römermann, President of the German Association of Medium Businesses, Director of the Research Institute for Lawyers’ Law and Member of the Board of Römermann Rechtsanwälte AG, and attorney Scarlett Matheja, Head of the Hanover office of Römermann Rechtsanwälte AG

Is there anything more fundamental to human coexistence than justice? 

And, would it ever be served if there were no people who passionately fight for its establishment, and protect us from arbitrariness and injustice?

Dr. Hafiz had the pleasure to welcome attorney Prof. Volker Römermann and attorney Scarlett Matheja, as his guests. 

Scarlett Matheja heads the office of Römermann Rechtsanwälte in Hanover. In addition to his legal practice, Volker Römermann has been a professor at the Humboldt University in Berlin for many years, where he is also one of the directors of the Research Institute for the Law of the Bar. Hundreds of publications, including over 30 books alone, have been written by him or edited by him.

There has been talk of joint projects. We are looking forward to it and will report soon.