– Dr. Hafiz & Jürgen Schäfer, Manager at the Agaplesion healthcare group –

I had the pleasure of welcoming Jürgen Schäfer, Managing Director at the German healthcare group Agaplesion and titular professor at the University of Pécs.

#Health is one of the highest human goods. We associate it with happiness and satisfaction. It is an important precondition for a happy life – at work and in private life.

We talked about the current state of healthcare, progress as well as challenges, and opportunities for collaboration.

As a physician – and not least as a member of the board of the Institute for HealthCare Management at the Philipp University of Marburg – I feel a special connection to the people working in the healthcare sector.

That is why it had a special meaning for me to exchange views with Mr. Schäfer about the situation of the professional groups in the healthcare sector and the possibilities for improving their working conditions.

Agaplesion is one of the largest healthcare groups in Germany. Around 1,000,000 patients are cared for each year in clinics at a total of 23 locations.

Respect and recognition to all professional groups that make this possible.