– Dr. Hafiz & Prof. Dr. Römermann – Chairman der Römermann AG –

Today I had the great pleasure to host attorney Prof. Dr. Volker Römermann, CSP.

Prof. Römermann is a chairman of Römermann Rechtsanwälte AG in Hanover, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Erfurt and Mannheim and is known as a proven expert in important areas of law: in corporate law, in insolvency law and in the law governing the liberal professions, in particular the professional law of lawyers.

In the fields of commercial and corporate law, insolvency law and employment law, he holds the respective title of specialist attorney.

He is a “Certified Speaking Professional” by the National Speakers Association, USA. This is the highest distinction a speaker can receive. Worldwide, about 7{a77e3e3fb317908c966190e2a107fe03066727398af5e590dd3b47fbe3b5b63e} of professional speakers organized in the National Speakers Association or corresponding associations outside the USA manage to achieve this distinction. In this context, he was even president of the German Speakers Association.

But his activities do not end there:

He is a member of the advisory board of the Legal Tech Verband Deutschland, teaches as an honorary professor at the renowned Humboldt University in Berlin, has been chairman of the board of the Institute for Insolvency Law since 1999, and has authored and edited a four-digit number of books and articles on business law topics in leading publishing houses and publications.

His criticism of the practice of appointing lawyers to the Federal Supreme Court is also legendary. For my part, I have followed this with great interest.

We have talked about our cooperation.

I look forward to it.