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Outstanding companies don’t just dream of a better future – they build it. Their services and products are changing the way we work and live, creating the path to a better future.

With all my activities, I follow one mission: to be at the side of those who improve the world with their services and products. I want to help make sure that brilliant solutions are recognized by the market and can unfold their benefits for humanity.

As one of the leading business influencers on the world’s leading business network LinkedIn – with a followership of opinion leaders across business, academia and politics, with a very high interaction rate with my posts – I consistently share my insights into innovative companies to help my audience make informed decisions when choosing collaborative partners, and to help my followers build valuable collaborations, strengthen their solutions and connect with key allies.

My social selling index ranks me in the TOP 3% of managers and TOP 10% of the entire network.

My posts reach outstanding view numbers, far over 260,000 views per post.

With my posts, interact leading, global companies and their employees.  In this way, I reach a qualified audience – people who make decisions about purchasing, a new service provider or business partner.

If you are a company with interesting solutions and are interested in cooperating with my LinkedIn channel, please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn.

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