Member of the Board at the Institute for HealthCare Management at the University of Marburg

Research & Teaching

I am a member of the board of the honorable Institute for HealthCare Management at the University of Marburg.

Here I teach the law of health and social systems.

Together with my colleagues on the board, I pursue in particular the further education and training of the professional groups working in the health care sector, as well as their qualification.

The focus here is on deepening and supplementing practical professional experience after completing university studies or special professional qualifications.

Topics & Lectures


Legal disputes are becoming increasingly important in medicine. Beyond the financial, psychological and time burden, these can damage reputation and thus lead to a significant threat to market position or professional existence. But where are the pitfalls? Which problems are most often the subject of legal disputes? How are they decided by the courts? What recommendations for action and avoidance strategies can be gained from this for practice?

Large areas of medical law have not been codified by law, but have been developed by case law. Moreover, the existing norms, legal ordinances and statutes are often open to interpretation. Mere knowledge of the legal norms is not sufficient in practice in numerous cases. These questions of interpretation equally concern criminal, civil, administrative, professional, social, financial and labor courts.

In this lecture series, the practice-relevant case law on medical law is presented in a didactically clear and action-oriented form. Information is provided on the problems that exist in practice and the solutions found by the courts, as well as on current developments in case law.

It not only deals with medical treatment and civil and criminal liability cases, but equally with professional law, fee law, contract and corporate law, damage to reputation, compliance and, last but not least, decisions on case constellations from the hospital or from the area of medical devices and pharmaceutical law as well as pharmacy law.

The law of health and social systems

In this series of lectures, the (legal) basic structure of the German health care system is discussed. Students will be able to name and assess the most important legal structures with regard to financing, access and quality assurance in the area of hospitals, contract physicians and health insurance funds.

By means of international comparisons, especially with the USA, Great Britain and Switzerland, the ability to evaluate the solutions found in Germany will be strengthened. Last but not least, by linking the course to current health policy discussion areas, an attempt will be made to direct the view to relevant questions of the future.

The physician in the tension between danger prevention and the duty of confidentiality

Legal problems of the duty of confidentiality, with special consideration of the Germanwings tragedy. Right of disclosure versus duty of disclosure.